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Hide details for  6.0.1 6.0.1
MROE5E6S2VError message received when Signed and Encrypted Reply with History is sent and changed to a Signed and Encrypted S/MIME message.
KSPR5DNRCAAdded Cross Certify Key option to Admin Configuration Certification menu. This regression was introduced in Notes 5.x.
JMAS5F8NEQThe User Security dialog box displayed incorrect information after Smartcard enablement. This has been fixed in 6.0.1.
CBAT5FNLGCRestored internal error codes.
Hide details for  5.13 5.13
SSHD5HJUE9Fixed a problem where the LDAP server would prematurely stop processing a search request if using FT index to get candidate entries.
MKIN5JHVXYFixes a crash in LDAP when attempting to add an extremely long attribute with debugging info turned on.
Hide details for  5.12 5.12
VDSE5EZRJAThis fix prevents the extended directory catalogs from rebuilding itself needlessly.
Hide details for  5.11 5.11
JCOS59KFPRFixed one cause of the message Invalid or nonexistent document. This instance occurred when the reference to the linked database was not in the...
GUD4DHPYNIn scripts, the NotesItem Values property now returns well-formed string values for RFC822 Text data types.
JFEN57WTC8The error "File Cannot be Created" is received after launching an attachment that has double quotes in the file name.
JBAI4U7UC8Removed extraneous files from partition data directory during install.
Hide details for  5.10 5.10
GFLY4Y5S5ZFixed a problem in which System.out.println might cause Java Agent to crash. This regression was introduced in 5.0.8.
XJIA4UDA94Provided a fix to allow the chair to take action on a Notes 4.x task after upgrading to Notes 5.x.
RKAY48JQPYFixed an error processing the calendar profile document - Can't find $BusyName field.
FPAI54HLAGFixed problems that cause repeating meetings to appear on the same day when an invitee accepts a reschedule notice from the chair.
Hide details for  5.0.9 5.0.9
JNAO4LRJUQFixed a problem where the Radio button (Close) would not respond to the <enter> keystroke.
JHOD4MNRAZRestore asynchronous notification over existing sessions for new mail notification, console broadcast commands, and view updates. This functionality...
Hide details for  5.0.7 5.0.7
DANO48QPWZCLS Files are no longer used in R5 and have been replaced with NLS. C API functions that have CLSFile parameters have been replaced by corresponding...
Hide details for  5.0.6 5.0.6
FGRN43YR5AFixed a C&S problem where meetings are created for original time in invitee's calendar, after invitee accepts reschedule notice.
TCHU4GK9M8Fixed a problem where invalid characters would be displayed when more than 64 characters were broadcast on the console.
HEK4JJPDFFixed various outline problems: Fixed outline in memory storage to use internal memory. This overcomes a limitation where using the outline for a...
DPAT4HWKEXError "get ClassNotFoundException for lotus.notes.apps.appletxxx" no longer received after loading a web page which contains any or all of the Domino...


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